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Bonizzi Nutrimy, Nutrimy +, Whippy, and Gelatteria Italia are created respecting tradition, goodness, and origin of raw materials. Our products are made to satisfy the taste and to keep pace with dietary needs and changing lifestyles.

Technology, innovation, and research are essential ingredients of the various product lines: alongside the classic milk products, they include lactose-free products, vegetable drinks with a traditional taste, bio drinks without added sugar. Not forgetting vegetable cooking cream and whipped cream, 100% gluten- and lactose-free.

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About us COMPANY A history over
50 yearsCreated in 1968 from the owner Giuseppe Bonizzi, the company has always demonstrated its innovative spirit and constant research.
The confidence in the new technologies applied to the food market have allowed Bonizzi s.r.l. to expand its products: at the main line of dairy products (milk, cream and bechamel), the factory develops a second vegetable line of vegetable drinks and vegetable creams.

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