The Company was created in 1968 by the passion for milk of Giuseppe Bonizzi. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to believe in the new technology U.H.T. (ultra high temperature) and the capacity to revolutionize the food market.

Thanks to innovative spirit and constant research, Bonizzi s.r.l. continues to expand the range of its products. At the main line of dairy products (milk, cream and bechamel) in 2007 the factory develops a second vegetable line of vegetable drinks (Nutrimy and Nutrimy+) and vegetable creams (Whippy). Since 2018 are olso avaiable liquid milk ice-cream basis (Gelatteria Italia) and other products, boxes of bigger sizes for professional and indutrial use.

Today, the society supplies traditional customers (G.D.O., Discount, HO.RE.CA) with its brands and works for private labels. The Company also collaborates with important leaders of the national and international milk and vegetable drinks market a supplyer and copacker. The plant is located in Soncino, in the hearth of the PO Valley and occupies 22.000 mq. area, 8.300 mq. of which are covered.